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Fishing Report

The Ludington Fishery Workshop held with Michigan Sea Grant will be January 14 at 8:15 am.  The workshop will be held at West Shore Community College.

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 The 2nd annual Fish on For Freedom is a charity, not for profit event, that will be held June 24 in our home waters of Ludington, Michigan. It as a token of thanks from our community to the men and women that have sacrificed so much making this nation what it is today.   We hope with a solid foundation of community support this will be another great annual event that the community will be proud of.  click here for link


The 2016 Master Angler form is available from the MDNR. Click here 


Click here for the December 2015 newsletter.  Fishery Workshop Jan 9, West Shore Community College. 


 The Annual Meeting of the Ludington Charter Boat Association will be held on August 20th at 6 p.m..  The meeting will take place at Abrahamson's Marina; off Washington Street.

There will be food and drinks for members at 6 p.m. followed by the formal meeting at 7 p.m.  Please mark your calendars so you can attend this annual event.  If you have any specific issues you would like to see addressed, please contact any of the current board members.

Your LCBA Board of Directors


Fish On For Freedom.  1st Annual event held in Ludington by LCBA Captains. Click here to see coverage

Thanks to everyone who participated.


The USCG has released a new phone app that looks helpful.  click here 


  Net Pens: 38,000 Fish arrived April 30 at 3pm and were put in the pens.    All help was appreciated.  Dave Lindberg


 Video's of presentations from the 2015Ludington Fisheries Workshop are available under Web Links tab.


 Ludington Regional Fishery Workshop

Saturday, January 10, 2015

8:30 a.m.— 3:30 p.m. 
Baymont Inn & Suites

Want a River Experience?  Why not contact an LCBA Captain? Click here


 Annual Membership meeting rescheduled for October.  Details to follow.


 New Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council newsletter available under "Information"


 Ludington Offshore Classic Live scoring link Click here


Ludington Offshore Classic: Ruboy Thursday winners: The Jerry Lee Memorial Big Fish and $500 prize was won by Ted Winceniak on Brandywine with a 22lb. 2 oz. King.  In the Ruboy Thursday event, Lake Effect Captained by Brian Romsek finished first with a 5 fish total weight of 81.5 lbs.  First place was worth $3000.   Second was Blue Fairways (Greg Magee) with 75.8.  Third Freestyle (George Freeman)with 74.9.  Fourth was Pier Pressure with 72.85 and Fifth was Silver Addiction (Mark Williams) with 70.7.


  Recent information about the nets removed by the private contractor has led to creation a newer net alert (click here). This net alert reflects the best information available from the contractor and the MDNR at this time.  In view of the increasing fishing activity and the near future Tournament, an updated net alert seems advisable.  If/when new information becomes available,  a new net alert will be created.


It should be noted that there is some ambiguity about exactly how many nets there were at the beginning of last winter, and hence, how many were ‘lost’ over the winter. The private contractor hired by the tribes searched all the known net locations exhaustively and were not able to locate any nets at the locations that are still listed in this net alert. They did locate and remove 5 nets and some anchors found at the previously listed net locations. If there were nets at the listed locations, they do not seem to be there now, and (if they exist) their locations are totally unknown.  None-the-less in an abundance of caution, it seems that fishermen should continue to presume the potential existence of these nets. The new net alert reflect the ambiguity and uncertainty of the current situation, while maintaining the need to be careful and the need to report any type of net related incident.


General Membership Meeting 6pm, Friday June 20 at the Municipal Marina.  Please plan to attend.


Jerry Lawrence Lee, age 62, passed away on May 24, 2014 after a courageous battle with lung cancer.   For more than thirty years, Captain Jerry took anglers fishing for salmon and trout on Lake Michigan as well as for walleye on Lake Erie aboard his vessel the "Sea Screw". Jerry was a well-known member of several sportfishing associations, including the Ludington Charter Boat Association and the Michigan Charter Boat Association. Friends may gather from 2:00pm until 8:00pm Wednesday, May 28, 2014 at Merkle Funeral Service; 2442 North Monroe Street, Monroe, Mi. (734) 384-5185. A Celebration of His Life will take place at 12:00pm on Thursday, May 29, 2014 also at Merkle’s. A memorial luncheon will follow at St. George Cultural Center, 2326 North Monroe Street.  More info at:


 We let the fish go on Tuesday, May 19. This marked 25 years of the charter boat association managing a net pen in Ludington.  We will be pulling the pens on Tuesday May 29th at 4 pm.  Help is needed.  More info available under Charter Info - Net Pens


Huge Brown. Officially 30.14 pounds, and 38.5 inches long! (Photo to right) With Captain Craig Coleman and Bradon Ingle on Silver Addiction II in Ludington. Click here: 


38,500 Chinooks went into the net pens on Thur. (5/1) at the State Park.  Thanks to all who helped .  --Dave Lindberg 231-510-2972


See the Ludinginton Sea Grant presentations here. Click: Read More


The 2014 Ludington workshop presentation:  The workshop was held on January 11 despite the slick roads and mix of rain and snow that made travel difficult. For those who could not attend, video of select presentations are available online:


January newsletter available under "Information" Click here


 DNR collects salmon eggs this fall

The Michigan DNR is hard at work right now gathering eggs for the continued production of hatchery fish to support fisheries objectives for Michigan’s world-class fisheries. Fall egg takes are under way for wild Chinook and coho salmon and for captive broodstocks of brown, rainbow, brook and lake trout.
“From these wild egg sources, we plan to collect 4 million Chinook salmon eggs and 4.9 million coho salmon eggs,” said Gary Whelan, DNR fish production manager. “The number of Chinook salmon eggs is the same as it was last year, with stocking in Lake Michigan in spring 2014 to remain at the same levels as spring 2013.”
Of the Chinook salmon eggs collected, 2.75 million will be used in Michigan while 500,000 will go to Indiana and 750,000 to Illinois. Of the coho salmon eggs collected, 3 million will be used in Michigan while 1 million will go to Indiana and 900,000 to Illinois.
Captive broodstock egg takes for brook and lake trout are in progress and egg takes for brown trout will continue until mid-November. That will be followed by rainbow trout egg takes at Oden starting in December and continuing until mid-January. All captive egg takes occur every one to two weeks.
Captive broodstocks will provide 220,000 brook trout eggs, 310,000 lake trout eggs, 3 million brown trout eggs and 1 million rainbow trout eggs. An additional 440,000 splake eggs (brook trout and lake trout hybrid) will also be collected to support Michigan’s fisheries management objectives.
The public is always welcome to observe egg take efforts. It is best to call ahead to get the final egg take schedule and to ensure the collection efforts will occur. For more info: ?

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Big fish are at the mouth of the Pere Marquette.  Its "Who's got who".  There are lots of fish in PM Lake and on up the river.  Trollers have been doing well, especially at dawn using plugs, cut bait and some rotators with flies.  Obviously, the fish are in shallow water with downriggers and dipseys being the presentations of choice.  These will also give you more manuverabilty.  Long lines are asking for trouble from amatuers also present at the piers.


 Roger Borgeson, past sales manager of Big Jon (brother in law of John Emory) passed on August 25.


Net Alert update (click here) WLDN fishing report (click here


 35 pound 9 oz king salmon caught aboard Katch Me Charters with Captain Sean McDonald.....What a fish!!
Congrats!  Click here


8/6/13 WLDN fishing report  click here 


7/29 WLDN audio Fishing Report  click here 


Catch & Cook Video -Ludington Style Click here


New Pure Michigan Salmon Fishing Video -Click here


Final Standings- Ludington Offshore Classic.  Click here 


Ruboy Thursday results - Congratulations  Blue Fairsways (1st) and Free Style (2nd).  Click here for results


 Updated Net Alert. Click here  . See a general description of nets under "Information" tab.


Check out the new Pure Michigan Fishing video.  Much of the action was shot in Ludington:


Check out the new WLDN radio Fishing report.  click here


 Fishing pressure continues to be low on Lake Michigan in the Ludington area. Over the past week there have been only a few reports of Charter Captains fishing on the Big Lake. Some salmon and trout have been taken from the bath house to a couple of miles north of the Big Point Sauble, mostly in water from 100′ to 200′.
The water has warmed some, and there appears to be a thermocline developing with the surface water about 51° and reaching the low 40′s at about 100′
Fishing methods and depths remain the same as last week: the fish came from 50′ to more than 150′ deep, with spoons, rotators and meat rigs most effective. Spoons and other baits in on the higher rigs with larger rotators or paddles and meat rigs on the deeper set ups. As always, glo baits and attractors before daylight.
Most of the catches seem to be in deeper water from more than 120′ to out to 200′
Fishing seems to be getting started now, but should be still characterized as slow to fair at best, but we expect it to pick up soon when the weather cooperates more.
Let’s go fishing!


June 5, 2013


Fishing pressure continues to be low on Lake Michigan in the Ludington area.   Last week high seas prevented much effort.   Monday and  Tuesday seas were calm and only a few boats were fishing.   Success was modest with 5-6 fish caught by most fishermen.   The size of the fish caught has been impressive with Therapy Too catching a 22 lb king and a 13 lb laker on Monday.  The best catches reported having used meat rigs 85-125 down in 130 - 150 feet of water near Big Sable Point. With plenty of 46 degree water, the early morning bite has not been a factor.    Good Fishing  - Capt. Dave Even


May 30, 2013

 Fishing pressure has been low on Lake Michigan in the Ludington area. Over the past few days there have been only a few reports of Charter Captains fishing on the Big Lake. The best catches have been from the south; even as far as Little Sauble Point. Some salmon have been taken from the Bath House to a couple of miles north of the Big Point Sauble; mostly in deeper water. The good news is that early reports indicate larger fish this year. This week there was a die-off of small 1"-2" alewives all along the shore line.

The Captains report that the fish came from 50′ to more than 150′ deep; with spoons, rotators and meat rigs most effective. Deploy spoons and other baits in on the higher rigs with larger rotators or paddles and meat rigs on the deeper set ups. As always, use glow baits and attractors before daylight.
Most of the catches seem to be in deeper water from 120′ to out to 200′.
Fishing is just starting. Only a few boats are fishing, and fishing should be characterized as slow to fair at best, but we expect it to pick up quickly as the warmer weather now seems to be here.
Let’s go fishing!
The U of M placed a research buoy in the Ludington area in 2011. It is now operated by the Michigan Tech Great Lakes Research Center and is part of the UGLOS. It in place again for this year and is working well. It is located at N 43°59.599′ W 86° 33.567′ in 90′. The buoy’s information includes wind, wave and temperature data, including temperature data from the surface to more than 70′ deep.
The information can currently be found on the internet at this link:   Ludington Weather Bouy

The buoy is located approximately 4 miles from the pier head on a bearing of 288°: N 43°59.599′ W 86° 33.567′ in 90′. It has a white light that flashes on a 5 second cycle. It is presents a very bright image on Radar. Please be careful to avoid boating and fishing in the immediate vicinity. Give it a wide berth w/ your divers and long lines.